Private Properties for Sale (Not Listed on CLS/MLS)

Please note that as these commercial development properties are not listed with any real estate board, and due to the sensitive and high value nature of these properties, there is a certain procedure required to attain the full file information. We have listed “property teasers” below which provide you with a rough idea of the property location and scope. However, to attain the full file information, the vetting process below must be followed.


1. Please fill in the form below and you will be contacted by one of our team members.

2. If mutually beneficial, we will schedule an in person meeting at one of our offices

3. Assuming the meeting goes well and the full file information on the property is desired, we will require the following:

a. Proof of funds from the primary purchaser

b. A confidentiality agreement to be signed by the primary purchaser and any agent involved acting on their behalf.

c. Profile ot the buyer

Commercial/Development Property Teasers